Got my nose piercedπŸ‘Œ

Last one!

Had a lovely time on the trail near my house the other day.

Probably about to break my neck trying to roller skate.

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This will never end, cause I want more.

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I’m so lazy

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Werkin out

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Ootd and a very messy room.

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Three year old picture from when I first got my webbing piercing say what

Idek if I like this.

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It truly baffles me that there are people in this world that can genuinely hate another human being based on nothing but their sexuality, race, or any other characteristic that is entirely beyond that person’s control. How insecure, self-centered, bigoted, and miserable do you have to be in order to be capable of something so sickening? Judgement and hatred will bring nothing but more negativity into your life. And to anyone with the audacity to put down another person in an attempt to soothe their own discomfort: You are the disruption in the peace, for you do nothing but spread your animosity. You are the embodiment of the discomfort that you feel, as you do nothing but project that resentment unto others. You are the problem.