So I did that whole subconscious writing thing 

April 11th — and with 3 notes

Adding old selfies to my face page~

April 11th — and with 6 notes

Awkward angle. But yeah short hair.

I forget that I have a webcam.

March 16th — and with 18 notes


I am an art piece
All framed and hung up for the world
You are an artist, or you are a critic
And you cannot look away
I am alluring, I am vivid, and you are fascinated by everything
And as you solve all of my riddles
As you decode every idea, every thought, every secret
You paint me grey

My life shrivels
I become mundane

I am an animal
All unbounded and distant from your cage
You are a bigot
And you cannot let me be
I am a savage, I am liberated, and you are appalled by my freedom
And as you enslave me
And as you tie my hands, as you bound my soul, as you close my mind
You deprive me of my instinct

You tarnish my radiance
You defile my unlikeness

I am a universe
All vast and empty of reason
You are a meddler
And you cannot define me
I am unexplained, I am obscure, and you are mystified by my ciphers
And as you explore me
As you uncode my mysteries, as you poke and you prod
You lessen my worth

With your weakness, with your pollution, with your warped originality
My spirit grows stale

March 8thvia and with 4 notes

March 1st — and with 15 notes

I have lost my compassion,
my relevant emotions
I am barely living,
My eyes are closed
I am coasting downhill
Rock bottom greets me warmly
Is this Hell?
I can see the devil smiling at me
Arms agape, those sinister eyes
His tongue flicks with the rhythm of each sweet lie
My body sways to the melody
Feet tap in sync to each flash of irony
I am who I could not be
But I am who I would not be
Cries of desperation escape in fragments
I am choking on my past self
My words fall out in pieces

Take me back, this pain is unfamiliar
My stomach churns in a memory
My skin is bruised from the ghost inside of me
She wanders through the cracks in my being
The parts of me that have been broken, misplaced, and stolen
My conscience begs to plead her case
A reflection of my weakness
A defense against my strength
Immorality draws its sword against my shame
My vices smother each demur against my weakening sanity
I am coated in armor
Casted in plaster
With a barbed wire heart
But this inner voice
Her objections are nuclear
She demands I let her breathe through the concrete and the mortar
She chips at every reinforcement I have made against the guilt, against the sorrow, against the pain
And without them, I am spineless
I am wavering, translucent
She is too kind, too forgiving
Too naive for this ache that refuses to stop growing

I must stifle every urge to let my guard down
I will paint myself black until my luster has vanished
I will shrink into every dusty corner of malignance
My corruption will slit the throat of my virtue
My innocence will rot at the feet of my transgressions
I am not pure, I am not whole
I am vulgar and empty
I am not warm, I am not caring
I am futile
I am nothing

February 20th — and with 2 notes

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January 15th — and with 3 notes

Don’t mind me.

January 5th — and with 2 notes

Here have a selfie from a month ago.

November 24th — and with 8 notes


October 4th — and with 2 notes
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